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We connect students and educators across the lifelong learning spectrum in many ways, providing a rich choice of high-quality teaching and learning experiences.

How we support the education community

Members of AARNet’s education community span the lifelong learning spectrum. As well as universities, K-12 schools around the country are now connected to AARNet, along with vocational training institutions and a broad array of digital content providers, including museums, cultural and scientific organisations, libraries, public archives and other educational resource specialists. 

AARNet connects members of this community in many ways, providing educators and students with seamless access to a rich choice of teaching and learning experiences. 

Supporting innovation in teaching and learning

AARNet–connected universities and vocational education institutions are pioneers in the field of distance education and training. High-definition video conferencing services provided by AARNet are used for a range of virtual classroom scenarios, to deliver complex collaborative tutorials on medical procedures, for example, to students located in far-flung locations across Australia and on other continents, and also to introduce students in a variety of fields to the workplace environment during training. 

Our network and services support hi-tech on-campus learning environments and the delivery of online learning programs to multiple devices. For universities, vocational training providers and K-12 schools, the delivery of blended (online/oncampus) teaching and learning, as well as the integration of Learning Management Systems, such as Moodle and Blackboard are all made possible because of reliable high performing connectivity to AARNet and the services we provide.

K12 SCHOOLS: learn more about our services for K-12 Schools.

CASE STUDIES: learn about how AARNet connectivity and services benefit universities and K-12 schools.

AARNET IGLEW (Immersive Global Learning Environment): our mobile inflatable, immersive 3D theatre visits AARNet-connected schools. The IGLEw combines emerging technologies and visualisation tools to give students access to real-time data from science and research organisations in Australia and across the globe. 

STEM OUTREACH: AARNet is committed to inspiring young people at AARNet-connected K-12 schools to purse tertiary studies science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We support STEM programs in our communities in a variety of ways.

NEWS BLOG: read stories about projects and events in the AARNet K-12 school and higher education communities.

Case Studies