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Cloud Services

Cost-effective solutions for accessing data storage, compute, content, collaboration tools and other cloud service providers.

Scalable reliable access to cloud services

We work closely with our global research network partners and service providers to deliver cost-effective access to a range of cloud services.

Collaborating with our customers

We co-develop services with our customers and global research partners to meet the specialised needs of the global research and education community.  

CloudStor Research Data Storage and Collaboration  

CloudStor is an AARNet owned and operated service that provides fast, secure and easy-to-use cloud data storage and data transfer solutions for researchers, all hosted on the AARNet network. One terabyte of storage is available to individual researchers at AARNet-connected institutions. Group storage is also available.

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AARNet Mirror

The AARNet Mirror provides exact replicas of original sites to AARNet customers, including a large coverage of OpenSource, and academically related archives, from UNIX sources and applications, Linux, Windows and OS X software to internet documents such as RFCs and FAQs, and TED Talks. Content is updated frequently to ensure the AARNet mirror sites reflect the content of the original sites.

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Partnering with service providers

We partner with collaboration service providers to customise enterprise products and services for Australia's research and education community, making them easy for IT managers to deploy and manage. If you are a cloud service provider interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please contact us.

AARNet Connect

A program for learning management systems, telephony, printing and other cloud service providers to connect to the AARNet network in order to provide cloud-based services to AARNet customers. 

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Cloud Connect

Private direct connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

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AWS Direct Connect

Azure ExpressRoute

Box Content Collaboration

Box is an enterprise solution that allows students, staff and faculty to easily share documents, presentations and content they use every day for teaching, learning and research.  

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Dropbox Business

Dropbox is an enterprise solution that allows students, staff and faculty to easily share documents, presentations and content they use every day for teaching, learning and research

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West Hosted Telephony

West UC VoiceMaxx CE is a cloud-based Cisco Unified Communications platform with a rich set of applications, such as telephony, video telephony, voicemail, instant messaging, presence and mobility (for access on smartphones and tablets), provided as a fully managed service. 

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Zoom Video Conferencing

An easy-to-use high-definition virtual classroom and meeting solution. Zoom provides seamless and reliable video and web meetings for up to 100 participants, who can join, share and record content using PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices.

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